Tuesday, December 4, 2012


ALL our classes are geared so they're easy to understand for the beginner and intermediate users.  Come join us and have some FUN with your computer instead of just being frustrated. 

See you in the fall.  

To register for any of the classes, email me at sue77hepler@hotmail.com


To register for classes:

Email Sue Hepler at:  sue77hepler@hotmail.com

All classes are $10 per person payable at class time.

Bring your computer and power cord to all classes.  If you use a mouse, bring a mouse pad as optical mice don't always like our slippery tables.  Notepads and pens can come in handy too.

I do private classes as well.  Sometimes it's just nice to have someone sit alongside you at the computer and guide you through the specific things you want to learn.  Private lessons are about an hour long for $20.

To register for classes:
Email Sue Hepler at:  sue77hepler@hotmail.com



Email:  sue77hepler@hotmail.com 
 or call at 7707

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


We held our first class on October 16 and had a GREAT time learning how to make customized greeting cards for all occasions.  

The Avery DesignPro program is a FREE download from the Avery website.  Just put "Avery DesignPro" in your address box and you will get a list of websites to choose from.  Be sure you choose an Avery site.  The program allows you to easily create greeting cards, mailing labels, business cards, and any other kind of product Avery manufactures.  With a few simple "show me how" classes, you'll be on your way to creating your own art work by inserting your own photos and clipart.

We unanimously decided that the group would like further instruction on how to create folders in their documents and pictures libraries.  Plus they wanted to learn how to acquire more clipart.  A class called Avery Level 2 was then created.

**The Avery program needs to be downloaded to your computer before class but if you're having trouble, just come to class about a half hour early and we'll help you with the project.  Printed instructions are also available once you sign up for the class....or call me at 7707 and we'll download it together.